Hello world!

us   Welcome to Just Barefoot & Blind, the online home of two friends navigating our way through the twenty-somethings. We will be writing about crafts, DIY, cooking, baking, gardening, personal style and fashion, travel, life, parenting, the great state of Ohio, interior design, photography, and all the trials and triumphs in-between. We are going to be real, honest, and authentic- giving you a glimpse into our lives; not some polished, perfect, “blog-worthy” version of ourselves.   IMG_0214 My name is Rachael. I have tried a number of other blogging ventures in the past, but nothing has stuck. I hope this one does. Haleah and I have been friends for over twenty years, and we have always been scheming to start up some sort of enterprise, be it a tye-dye t-shirt business, building circular couches, or opening a doughnut shop. This blog is our latest venture. We find ourselves pretty entertaining, so we think other people might too! I’m married, I work a dull office job by day, but by night I am a free wheeling and wild crafter/painter/girl scout troop leader/nerd extraordinaire! I read books at bars, and often walk around with paint on my elbow from some craft I worked on the night before. I believe in the power of glitter and creativity. I dabble in all sorts of good things. I learned how to knit over winter, but I didn’t finish a single scarf because I discovered arm knitting and it was way faster! I have the supplies to do just about any craft. Cross stitch? Yep. Want to make some candles? Ok. How about we try staining wood with water colors? It worked! Awesome, throw some glitter on it and grab the clear coat. My philosophy is definitely not “less is more,” it’s more like “the most is the best!” I like to have my hands in a little bit of everything. One more important detail, I have a cat, her name is Duchess Snicklefritz von Buren, but we call her Fritzy or TiTi for short. She is spoiled rotten and we often carry on long conversations, meowing back and forth at each other. She loves tub water and my husband more than anything else. She’s weird just like me 🙂 On this blog I hope to write about what crafts I’m working on, whatever DIY projects I have in the pipeline, food I’m cooking, my attempts at gardening, and my personal style. I’m a body positive, fat positive, feminist, and I rock a lot of sweet dresses and I love posting my #ootd’s online. I want every woman to see that it’s ok to love your body, and it’s ok to share pictures of yourself. Hell, it’s great to love yourself and no one should have to be ashamed!   hay I’m a Northerner by blood, a Mother by choice, and a wild flower by nature. I play the part of Photographer, Seamstress, Momma, and Nature lover. My dear friend and I thought it would be a bold choice to start a blog about our lives working through our late twenties and beyond, our ever loving crafting persons, and what makes our brains tick.   That’s all for now, folks! -Barefoot&Blind


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