My July Julep Box review 

 I got my July box on Friday last week. I was able to dig in on Sunday. I love the colors I got this month.

   We’ve got Lisa, Lainey, Magdalene, Blakely, and Alexa.
I was very excited to get Lainey. I’m a sucker for shiny and magenta.

This box also came with cuticle creme, gold anchor decals, and Red Bird mints.

I haven’t tried the decals yet, but the cuticle creme is really nice.

Typically the box comes with two polishes and a beauty item from Julep’s own line.

Every month I have the option to edit my box, choose what colors I want, and what product I want. I earn “Jules” and I can use them to get add ons. This time I chose Magdalene, Blakely, and the nail decals.

The Maven box costs $25. Compared to the price of a polish like Essie, I don’t think that’s too bad. The quality of the Julep line is great. I’ve especially liked the orbital eyeshadows I’ve gotten.

If you’re looking for a great way to treat yourself every month, you should check out Julep box.* There’s nothing like coming home to a pretty purple box filled with goodies!

(I used Magdalene on my pinky and index finger)

I’m trying Lainey next!


*just in case anyone is wondering, I’m not endorsed by Julep or anything just really like their subscription!!


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