Being a Girl Scout Leader is the Best!

Two years ago I mentioned to my friend Kelly that I thought it would be so fun to be a Girl Scout troop leader, too bad I wasn’t a mom. She blew my mind by telling me I didn’t have to be a mom, and that she had actually already talked to someone with our service unit about volunteering. A few weeks later they gave us a troop. Since then it’s been a crazy, silly, fun, and wonderful journey with our troop.

We just started our bug badge last night. Our troop meets through summer, unlike most troops who go from September-the end of May and break over the summer months. It’s hard to get everyone in the same room between soccer, softball, and cheer schedules, but it’s worth it.

I got a ton of books about all different bugs from the kids section of the library where we meet. I got the bug headbands from the Dollar Tree.
We started the night off by making a bug craft!

 These are the ones I made.
After our craft we researched bugs, made posters, snacked on ants on a log, and made a mess. Part of the Girl Scout way, however, is to leave a place better than you found it, so the girls all helped clean up and even pushed in all the chairs.

We want to have a backyard camp out for out next meeting where we will complete the bug badge. The girls decided they want to take a field trip to a farm and earn a Lego fun patch, so I’m going to have to start cooking up plans for that!

Being a troop leader can be stressful sometimes, but I’ve come to really love being a part of the lives of these young ladies. I like to think I’m helping along the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and explorers.

In the words of the Girl Scouts, I can’t wait to!



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