Ikea trip…Part I 

Saturday morning I woke up nice and early at 6am, certain I would make it to Haleah’s before 8. We were headed to Ikea, and the earlier the better, right? Ha. I didn’t even leave my house til 7:45, with one stop at the gas station to squeegee the morning dew off of my windows I was on my way. We rolled out of the driveway around 9am, but only made it two minutes down the road before we realized neither of us has cash for tolls. A quick u turn fixed that and then we were really on the road.

The drive went fast, we filled it with talking about this blog, upcoming weddings, plans, schemes, life, dudes, husbands, ex husbands, family drama, and jokes.

Before we knew it, upon the horizon, IKEA arose from the ground like a beacon of all things cheap and Swedish.

We forgot to take a singular picture inside the store but we found some wonderful gems, some of which you will see in our big DIY project. After spending what amounts to too much money, we needed lunch. Haleah wasn’t enticed by the French fries on a sandwich idea offered by Pimanti brothers, so we decided to look around the area, and if nothing else there was Max and Erma’s around the corner, and who doesn’t love those damn cookies??

Then I saw the sign.

What was it? Was this really a burger place with a name invoking purgatory? Was that supposed to be a bad or good thing? Turns out, it was a good thing.

Devil cows? Why, yes!

The menu wasn’t huge, but it had a lot of great options. I did a “meat your maker” (get it??) which had a Waygu beef burger, roasted tomatoes, field greens, an onion crust, aged Gruyere, and truffled shallot aioli. It was amazing.

We got the truffle and Gorgonzola fries to share, but the cheese was too stinky for Hay. I didn’t mind. I liked that they layered the fries and the cheese instead of just putting cheese on the top. Quality.

Haleah did a build your own burger, with pickles, lettuce, bacon, provolone cheese, and garlic mayo, and sea salt and herb fries on the side, which she really enjoyed.

I got a fluffer nutter butter milkshake to go. It was, indeed, heavenly. With clouds of marshmallow fluff and whip cream, and a piece of nutter butter cookie as garnish.

I’m glad I spotted the sign for this place and that we decided to check it out. If you’re in the Pittsburgh/IKEA area check it out, they also have a handful of other locations. It was a really cool place with great food and good service. It was kind of like the PA version of Bspot. Same price point, similar menu items, beer selection, and interior design. Personally, I love both. Great burgers, fries, and milkshakes with quality ingredients.

Look out for Part II of our trip later today



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