Road Trip Part II: An Unexpected Journey to Niagra Falls!

 We had finished up at IKEA pretty early in the day, around 1. We agreed we had too much of the day left to just turn around and go home. The first idea that popped into our heads was NYC! Haleah has never been and it seemed like the perfect, reckless, on-a-whim trip to make. But then we started calculating. Drive time, gas, how to drive in the city, train costs, train stations…. it was all too much. We would need more time to plan out that trip.

I put Niagra Falls into the google maps app on my phone just to see, and lo & behold it was only three and a half hours away. That seemed do-able.

Haleah agreed and decided that’s what we would do. So, we hopped back in the car and started on our way to Niagra. A couple pit stops, and a few giant bridges, and we made it. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as busy? I guess in my head, I just had the image of the falls and a park…. with no people.

 It was crowded. Families, children, countless selfie-sticks galore surrounded us. We did get some good vantage points, though. I really enjoyed how the air was so fresh, and ever so slightly misty. After enjoying the view for a little bit, we deicded to cross the bridge onto Goat Island and look at the falls from the other side. It was a nice little walk and a bit less crowded. On our walk, I decided someone should build a structure so people can swim right before the falls. I’m drawn to water, so I kept imagining that it would be safe to hop in here or there on the path. Don’t worry, I didn’t jump in. Just thought about it!!

 We hit up a few gift shops, I got a bunch of random crap and Haleah found the perfect shirt for her daughter. The drive home was around 4 hours, and honestly, I slept most of it. Bless Haleah for driving. We made it back around the wee hour of 1:30am and I went straight to sleep.

All in all, it was a grand adventure! It isn’t very like us to do unexpected and spontaneous things, but I am so glad we did. I will cherish the memory forever.



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