Fort Wayne Zoo/Weekend Road Trip

Last weekend was our spontaneous trip to Niagra Falls and this weekend was a much anticipated trip to Fort Wayne for the wedding of two friends.

My husband Jess used to travel for work frequently, and between September and March he spent four months in Fort Wayne. I went to visit almost every weekend, and we have made some amazing friends there. We were happy to have the reason to visit!

Jess and I hit the road Friday after work and rolled into the parking lot of our hotel around 9:30. We did a quick dip in the pool and hot tub before going to Granite City for dinner, a place I had grown to really like when visiting. After a quick visit to the groom and his groomsmen, we went back to the hotel and passed out.

The hotel bed was comfy. I know, that’s a rare thing, so we were very pleased by our blessing from the Travel Gods.

It was tempting to do nothing al day Saturday, but I had my mind set on checking out the Fort Wayne zoo since the wedding we were in town for didn’t start til 6:30.

It was a million degrees out and we got stuck in a rain storm, but it was a great time anyways.

The zoo had rides! Nothing crazy, but it had this Skylift, a log river ride, a train ride, and an endangered species carousel. We, of course, rode them all. Actually, we rode the Skylift three times.

The layout of the zoo was really nice and it had a bunch of my favorite animals, including otters and owls.

  White pelican
 Honey badger not giving a sh*t

Eagle owls

We got to feed giraffes!

This poor ostrich wasn’t digging the high temps, but it was very cool to get so close to her.

  I love otters and their cute faces. 
 There were free roaming peacocks all over the place.

My favorite part of the zoo was the sea lion show!

I’ve had two great weekends in a row 😀

Look at how cute we are!


The last few pictures are of us from the wedding. It was so fun. We were joking how grown up it felt to go out of town for a wedding, but it did. I feel like we are at an age where summers and falls are going to start filling up with weddings. I don’t mind at all, I love celebrating our friends and getting the chance to wear my wonderful dresses.

Fort Wayne is an unexpected place. I really grew to like it when Jess was there. It has a lot of neat things, their zoo included. But what I like the most about it is the pocket of awesome people we know there.



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