July ipsy bag Review 

#tbh I wasn’t totally in love with ipsy bag this month at first. Or, at least not all of it. I kind of wish you could edit your bag like I can with Julep. It probably helps keep the cost low though, so I get it. I still don’t know what to do with the Cool Way sea salt spray with curly hair, is it really going to do anything for me? A cursory spray says nah- just makes my hair feel a little crunchy. I could def see how it would be great for someone with thinner hair. And as for the Tarte bronzer… can pale people use bronzer and not look goofy? I don’t honestly know, as I have never used it in my life, and have no idea how to properly use it. Can you use bronzer to contour?? I don’t know. I’m going to have to google it. Bronzer is a mystery to me. 
  The product I do adore is the Mongongo chapstick in vanilla coconut cream by Jersey Shore Sun. It smells wopnderful, feels nice on my lips, and is long lasting. The tube says it’s organic, non-gmo, and cruelty free. #bonus 

  The other product I like a lot is the bellapierre cosmetics lipstick in P.I.N.K. I don’t know if the letters stand for anything, or, if they are invoking Victoria’s Secret. I like the color, it seems to have a slight shimmer to it as well which is nice. I wouldn’t normally pick a color like this because it is very close to my lip color when on, just a few shades lighter/brighter. It seems a little redundant. The formula is nice and creamy though, and it’s long lasting. I put it on in the car before work and didn’t have to reapply til after lunch, even after eating breakfast and drinking. I did put some of the mongongo chapstick under it before intially applying and, a few hours after I put it on, I put some more chapstick on top so it wouldn’t dry up and get weird on mah lips. I think I might try it with a lip primer next time too. And maybe some sugar scrub on my lips in the morning, which is almost necessary for me to wear lipstick.

The item I am kind bummed out about is the Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 eyeliner and eyeshadow stick. It doesn’t look great as eyeliner on me and when I tried to smudge it out as eyeshadow it mostly just came off. It is a nice coppery color, though. I just don’t think I like how the copper looks with my eye color, which is weird because I’ve rocked my fair share of coppery shades of eyeshadow in the past. Truth be told, though, I really only wear black or teal eyeliner when and if I feel ambitious enough to put eyeliner on… which isn’t often. 

  Favorite Item: Mongongo chapstick in vanilla coconut creme. I admit I am a chapstick junkie, but I would defnitely buy this again. 

Over all I think ipsy is a great deal at only $10 a month. It exposes me to so many new brands and you get a cute little make up bag too! #treatyoself




2 thoughts on “July ipsy bag Review 

  1. Hey! I also get glam bags from ipsy. I must say I have a very pale complexion and I used this tarte bronzer before this month’s bag. I apply it everywhere. Like a powder foundation almost. To my face and neck. Just a light coat. I don’t think there are specific rules for bronzer :p
    If so I do not follow them 🙂

    And the Chapstick is awesome, I agree !


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