Lipstick Day/Rachael’s Purple Lipstick Roundup 

Apparently Wednesday was National Lipstick Day? No one told me, so this post is happening today!   
I have a bit of a problem. I’m a little bit of a hoarder. I like to have LOTS of things. Tons of clothes, shoes, nail polish, various make up items… this includes lipstick. I have way more than I can justify because I don’t really wear it all that much. I go through phases where I wear it a lot, and then like not at all for months. (My real problem is chapstick, but I don’t even want to talk about it……)

Lately, I’ve been into purple hues on my lips. It goes well with the witchy vibe of some of the outfits I’ve worn recently. Finding the perfect lipcolor can be tough though. By no means, is this an exhaustive group of purple lippies but it’s my little collection 🙂 

The first is butter lipstick by NYX in ‘Hulk’

On it’s very fuschia. I love the forumla because I don’t have to wear chapstick with it and it doesn’t dry out funny and cakey on my lips. It isn’t as long lasting as I would like, and it does stain your lips. Those are the only downsides of a really excellent lip color. I got this in an ipsy bag! I liked it so much, I went out and bought a back up!


The second is also from NYX (You’ll notice I like their brand. Great prices and a wide and wonderful color selection), it’s an intense butter gloss in ‘Berry Strudel’ It’s SO bold, but I love it. It’s a gloss, so it’s a little sticky, but the color pay off is great. You can really layer it on for a more intense color, or smudge it around for a lighter affect that’s really nice. Since this is a little bold for work, I haven’t really rocked it alone, but mixed with my Kat Von D lippie in Raspberry. 

  Kat Von D Lullabye alone, it’s more pink than purple. In the store, I tried it on my hand it gave off a blueish/purpleish sheen that I liked, I don’t see that when it’s on my lips as much and the sparkles are big flakes. The description is “sparkling iridescent magenta violet.” I like this mixed the most- either with the NYX gloss or another gloss on top to help smooth it out. I definitely HAVE to exfoliate my lips before wearing this and a primer pencil helps to lock it in place. 


 The next shade is probably my favorite of the group, it’s “Bittersweet” Revolution High Color lipgloss by Urban Decay. I got it in my ipsy bag as a sample and promptly went to buy it at Sephora. Like the NYX ‘Hulk’ this one can be layered on for a bigger color payoff, but I kind of like the color the most when I use it sparingly and it just tints my lips. The color definitely looks different depending on the light around you. I would 100% recommend this gloss. I love the packaging, too!        
This last one I need more practice with. It’s NYX Simply VAMP lip cream in ‘She Devil’ and I can’t seem to apply it evenly. I like it because as the name states, it’s very vampy. I think this would look really cool mixed with black lipstick, maybe black on the outer edges of the lips and this towards the center. I bought it on a whim and I’ve only worn it out when I used a teeny tiny bit mixed with chapstick. I would also like to try the Temptress and Bewitching shades of it. One thing I like about NYX besides their prices is that you can get a lot of their products at Target. Convenient!! 

I’m enjoying experimenting with the more bold colors and loving every second of the more subtle shades. That’s one of the things I love about make up, getting to experiment and play around, and maybe even test some boundaries. 
What’s your favorite lipstick? 



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