#lifeadvice: When Life Hands You a Very Busy Schedule, Adopt Two Kittens  Aka Meet Rachael’s Cats

I have been sooooo busy lately. It’s not like me to be busy, I don’t like having a packed schedule and running around. I like to be at home with Netflix and snacks, alone or with my husband. Remember that socail anxiety I was telling you about? That’s where it comes in. I love seeing people I hold near and dear, but it gets exhasuting- mentally.

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  ^When We first got them ^

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^Last Week^

         To add to the packed weekends, trips, obligations, and events going on right now we decided to adpot two kittens a few weeks ago! We were going to get one, but then another fell in love with Jess and we had to take both. We named them Cecelia and Seraphina, or CeCe and PhiPhi for short. We already have one cat that we adpoted when we lived in Illinois, her name is Snicklefritz, Fritzy or more commonly, TiTi for short.

     Yes, we are crazy cat people.
      I haven’t had a baby kitten in years. Fritzy was 8months old when we adopted her, and she was just about as big as she is now. Compared to kittens she feels giant!
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      Kittens are SO messy! They get food everywhere, litter everywhere around the box, and we’ve had a few poo poo incidents! Somehow they also get tons of their kibble in the water half of the dish and it’s gross. Yowza. I feel like we do nothing but sweep and mop the floor of the bathroom where they are living for now. We are taking our sweet time introducing them to Fritzy, she’s a little grumpy about getting little sisters.
       At first, they weren’t sure of what to think of us. They kept trying to hiss, but it came out as this little adorale noise. CeCe is a loud mouth and does not stop meowing from the second she sees you. PhiPhi is more on the relaxed side, but eventually she pipes in with her ever-so-slightly-higher-pitched meows.
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     Last week they started to learn how to play. It’s so adorable to watch them chase their own tails!  They’be been wrestling, chasing each others’ tails, and batting around the toys I got them, too. We’ve been letingt them run free in the living room for hours every day. Earlier this week they both ended up snuggling with me under my blanket and watching tv. It was a-freaking-dorable. The other night, they started scaling the furniture, climbing all over, and then jumping down just to do it all over again.
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     Even for tiny little babies they have so much personality. You can’t help but love them. I just want to cancel all my plans and snuggle them! Instead, I go about my business, but fret about them while I’m away. Ah, the life of a cat mom.
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