Floral daydreams #ootd 

I’m a bit obsessed with Modcloth. I’m a bit obsessed with dresses. Modcloth sells great dresses. See the connection? 😉

I have a problem, though. The problem being I don’t have enough money to buy all of the dresses I want from Modcloth.

Potential raises make dollar signs appear behind my eyes. More money for dresses, is my immediate thought.

This here is one of my favorite dresses from Modcloth.

I love the bold print, the colors, and the cut. I also found this amazing headband that pretty much perfectly matches it at Justice. Yes, the tween girl store, Justice. Justice and Claire’s have THE best hair things, and occasionally Target will have a few good things. I also just really love Peter Pan collars. I saw a tutorial on Pinterest earlier, actually, using vintage hankies to add a Peter Pan collar to a plain tank! Totes going to have to try that!


I just picked up the red flats at Five Below. I’m very pleased with them. I’ve been on the look out for some red flats for the longest time, and never found the right pair. For the cost, you can’t beat these. I should go back and buy like all of the pairs in my size.
image image
 #tbh I’ve been rocking the same flats since High School in a lot of instances, and it’s hard for me to find replacements that I like as much/are as cute.
Displaying IMG_4764.jpg
One of my favorite things about this dress, though, is something you can’t even see, and that is the lining. Surprisingly, to me, a lot of Modcloth’s dresses are unlined. For their prices, I really think they should be lined. It’s not just them, however, this is the case for a lot of places. eShakti is another place I buy dresses frequently, and the ones that need a liner have it. Torrid, another purveyor of clothing I love, seems to not line ANYTHING.
 image image
The number of Sundress days is dwindling again! Soon it will be Autumn and time for layering. And boots!! XD
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