Friday Faves!

Ok, so this is going to be a new series on the blog called Friday Faves where I share a few things that I’m really digging!

This week, I’m so in love with this Besame lipstick my friend Katelynn ordered for me! I had never heard of the company (which really surprised me actually!) and I am so glad she introduced me. Katelynn’s lipstick game is so strong, so she’s to be trusted on these topics.

Here’s the gist-

“Through a keen eye for color and historical expertise, [they] recreate modern reproductions of classic luxury makeup from the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, designed to make women feel elegant, inspired, and empowered by their beauty. Pairing innovative, cutting edge technology with a historical milieu, [their] colors and formulations are painstakingly hand-crafted to a minutia of detail, from [their] custom-designed gold compacts to our signature chrysanthemum motifs.”

I ordered the American Beauty (1945) lipstick and it’s the most wonderful blue based red. The next two on my wishlist are Red Velvet (1946) and Cherry Red (1935) in the lipstick department, but also their black cake mascara (1920’s) and brush set, their porcelain cashmere powder compact and their french vanilla brightening powder.


My next two faves have to do with food! Last night was my last chance to hang out with the aforementioned Katelynn before she moves to Scotland to pursue her doctorate. We hit up Sephora, naturally, and then hit a few local places in Medina (our home town, kinda). One was Chill, an AMAZING ice cream place I had never been to before. It was so, so good. They had so many interesting, unique flavors and it’s all made right there, in house. Definitely check them out! I got the caramel apple and then nuts for nutter butter- so good, the the nutter butter one was super creamy and delish.


We also hit up this (new to me, too) pizza place, Courthouse Pizzeria, a few store fronts down because it smelled so good and I was starving! For $13 we both got slices of pizza and drinks! The slices were HUGE and the .75 up charge for a topping was #worthit… look how much they put on there!


So excited that little ol’ Medina is getting these great places! Jess and I will have to do a date night out there soon.

One last fave for this Friday…


These awesome watches from buttercream Luxe Craft line at Jo Annn Fabric’s. I love all of their stuff, but was immediately smitten with these watches. I’ve been wanting a watch for awhile, but never found any I loved right away. I got the floral print one with a 60% off coupon, and then a few days later they went on 50% off sale so I went back and got the gold glitter. It’s going to be perfect to wear with my fall wardrobe.


These would make great gifts this holiday season, and at $15 on sale, that’s quite a deal.


Thanks for letting me share a few of my faves!




Easy Cardstock Bookmarks for Diana

A few weeks ago, my friend Diana posted a little video of mysterious floating hands creating the cutest cardstock bookmarks and asked if someone would make them for her! I volunteered 🙂

I already had everything I needed to make these on hand!

You will need:

-3 to 4 sheets of different colored cardstock, scraps could work (they make theirs from paint chips, which would also work!)


-Exacto knife

-Cutting mat (in my case, a piece of cardboard lol)

-Permanent marker


The video goes pretty quick and doesn’t have any spoken instructions, and I didn’t recognize the language from the actual post, so I watched the video once or twice and decided to wing it!


I started by cutting my cardstock into 2×4 strips.

image Then, with a pencil, I sketched the designs I was going to cut out with my Exacto knife. Sometimes, like for the tops of the heads, scissors were actually easier so keep a pair handy.

I cut out the designs.image

image Then, just take your sharpie and add some finishing touches to the animals. The bear’s “mouth” came out kind of wonky, but, hey! I still think he’s cute!

image image

I hope Diana likes them!



Fall Fingernails

My mom and I went shopping over the weekend and we noticed a ton of burgundy and maroon hues in the stores. Displays ranging from a red based maroon to an almost purple burgundy, and from clothing and accessories to home accents were everywhere. Mom decided it was the color of the season. Besides reminding me of red wine, it really inspired my mani of the week.
I added a gold anchor nail sticker!
I just love dark colors on finger nails. Perhaps my preoccupation with black nail polish in high school is to blame (way before Chanel started making it). But, I just like how finished and (no pun intended) polished it looks. It’s something that can hold an entire outfit together! You can match it to your lipstick or shoes, there’s something matchy mathcy I like about doing that.
Anyways, here is my first fall mani 🙂
The color is ‘Ignite’ by Forumla X and I got it in my September Ipsy bag (No review this month…) and the gold glitter is Sinful Colors ‘Trash’

1o Things I Adrore about Autumn

 Autumn is by far my favorite season! Since it is officially here this week, I figured I would share a few things I love about this time of year!

  1. Sweater weather! I love being able to finally enjoy the outdoors! I hate humidity and I’m very sensitive to the sun, so once Autumn hits, I actually like being outside way better than in the summer. It’s the perfect time for bon fires, too.
  2. Along with sweater weather comes the fall wardrobe! I just love dressing for the cooler temps, with lots of layers, cardis, scarves, and of course knee high boots! So cozy.
  3. This is so typical… but pumpkin flavored everything!! I am SO going to pull the ‘I liked pumpkin flavored things before it was cool’ card here, ’cause I did! #hipsterwarning From the PSL to Little Debbie pumpkin delights, pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin spice coffee, chai, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin ice cream… any and all things pumpkin flavored win in my book. (Look out for a recipe later this week on how to make your own pumpkin juice a la Harry Potter!!)
  4. What is better to wash down your favorite pumpkin flavored snack than apple cider? I get so happy when I see it back in the super market and I may have gone through three gallons of it already this year! The pumpkin patch we went to growing up always gave you an apple and a cup of apple cider after you got your pumpkin. It brings back all sorts of good memories. I like it cold the most, but hot and mulled with spices is also great!
  5. Here in Ohio, we really get the full splendor of the Autumnal season. The foliage is just breath taking. Even on the highway on the drive home from work, the road is lined with trees with their changing leaves. Visiting the Metroparks this time of year is amazing. I love that it’s usually beautiful no matter where I am.
  6. Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday of the year! Well, so is Christmas… but anyways, I have always loved Halloween. I enjoy dressing up, candy corn, candy in general, handing out candy, decorating my home for the holiday, the history of Samhain, all of it!
  7. Fall food! Chili, soup, pot roast, the bounty of ripe veggies from the garden, and apple season! It is the perfect time of year for warm, comfort foods! It’s the time of pecan pie, apple crisp, and all kids of baked goods. Not to mention, Thanksgiving happens during Autumn too! One other great thing is that fall food totally lends itself to the crock pot. Set it and forget it!
  8. Pumpkin patch visits! If you know me, you know my life long dream is to be a pumpkin farmer! Pumpkin patches are magical places! I love everything about them… the hay ride out to the field, searching for the perfect, giant, pumpkin, the farm animals that are usually there, the smell of the hay, just everything.
  9. Autumnal scents are also amazing. Mulled cider candles, pumpkin spice candles, the Leaves candle from Bath & Body! The smell of Autumn outside… in the forest especially, is wonderful. I love filling my home with candles and cinnamon scented pine cones.
  10. This one is really personal, but, the busy season at my husband’s work slows down and we are able to spend more time together and with our friends and family together… which is perhaps what I’ve come to love about this season the most!

What about you, what do you love about Autumn? Did I miss anything?



August ipsy Bag Review

 I honestly kind of forgot about my ipsy bag this month, so I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the mail and it was in there a few weeks ago. Things have been so crazy I had not tried a lot of the products until last week.

 The first product I want to talk about is the HD Powder from City Color. I had no  clue what it was when I took it out of the bag. I opened it up right away and put some on my finger tips and it was so weird! It made my skin feel very silky. It even weirded out Jess 😉   (I might have shoved my hand in his face saying “Feel this! Feel this!” lol) Later that day, I dusted it on my face and liked the smooth finish it gave. Still, I had to Google it to figure it out!

This is what the City Color website says about it: “City Color HD Powder sets your foundation for a smooth, matte finish. This finely-milled powder helps blur any imperfections and fills in fine lines to make sure you are always camera-ready. The translucent shade creates a shine-free and airbrushed look that works with all skin tones!”

Here’s the thing for me- I don’t wear foundation, so I can’t tell you how it works for setting that. I didn’t really notice a difference in the look of my skin, but it felt awesome! It’s made out of milled silica, which I thought was kind of interesting.

 The item I like the most from this bag and have used the most (I put it on right away when I opened the bag!) since I got it has been the Hikari lipgloss in Salsa. I love the color, but the name just makes me think of the food and it made me pause. I like the formula, even though it’s a little sticky. But, just look at it!

I adore the label on this Glamour Dolls eyeshadow in Sorcery. I love the name and the shade. It goes really well with a bunch of eyehsadow I already have and it blends nicely. I would buy this again.

The last item in the bag was Batiste in Original. I wish I would have gotten the ‘Blush’ scent, described as floral and fruity because that’s more my thing. The original is fresh smelling though, so I will use it. Here’s the thing, I haven’t used it yet so I can’t really review it other than to say the sample size it great for carrying in my purse!

 Do any of you get ipsy bags? What was your favorite product this month? Let me know!