Easy Cardstock Bookmarks for Diana

A few weeks ago, my friend Diana posted a little video of mysterious floating hands creating the cutest cardstock bookmarks and asked if someone would make them for her! I volunteered 🙂

I already had everything I needed to make these on hand!

You will need:

-3 to 4 sheets of different colored cardstock, scraps could work (they make theirs from paint chips, which would also work!)


-Exacto knife

-Cutting mat (in my case, a piece of cardboard lol)

-Permanent marker


The video goes pretty quick and doesn’t have any spoken instructions, and I didn’t recognize the language from the actual post, so I watched the video once or twice and decided to wing it!


I started by cutting my cardstock into 2×4 strips.

image Then, with a pencil, I sketched the designs I was going to cut out with my Exacto knife. Sometimes, like for the tops of the heads, scissors were actually easier so keep a pair handy.

I cut out the designs.image

image Then, just take your sharpie and add some finishing touches to the animals. The bear’s “mouth” came out kind of wonky, but, hey! I still think he’s cute!

image image

I hope Diana likes them!




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