Wardrobe Challenge!

A few years back my hubby, Jess, challenged me to wear every single thing in my wardrobe without repeating any one garment/accessory to see how long I could go… I only lasted about a week before I gave up! Let’s just say, post-Black Friday Rachael needs to re-evaluate her spending habits and it’s time to actually give this challenge a go! I’m always finding clothes I have to have, or needing new shoes, when in reality I have an abundance of things that are in great shape that I never wear.

This is how it will work: I have to wear every dress I own without repeating. I have to wear every t shirt I own without repeating. I have to wear every pair of shoes I own without repeating. Every necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, headband, etc without repeating (obvs I’m going to be wearing my wedding rings and the ring from my dad I wear everyday, still), also socks, undies, tights, are included in this.. the only things I will need to repeat will be jeans (I own three pairs that fit and need them every Friday at work) and things like my winter boots which will be necessary in the upcoming months.

Goal 1: Wear everything in my closet/accessory arsenal/shoe collection without repeating it until I’ve worn everything.

Goal 2: Focus on loving what I already have instead of constantly wanting new new new.

Goal 3: Buy no new clothing/accessory/shoes for the duration of the challenge.

Goal 4: Donate or sell what doesn’t fit, and say goodbye to things that I don’t love or don’t make me feel good.

Goal 5: Work on banishing the need to buy, which won’t only be good for clothing but in general.

Watch along here on the blog weekly, or follow us on instagram @barefootandblind or on my personal ig @buttercreambaby12 for more frequent updates!






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