Wardrobe Challenge Week #1

Do younger people know that # means number and not just hashtag? I wonder…

Anyways, I told you guys about the wardrobe challenge my husband gave me last week and today I’m going to share what outfits I wore!


They are in no particular order in the collage, but I will go through them day by day!

11/3o I wore…. Oh man! I forgot to put it in the collage! Here’s a pic from the last time I wore it though! It’s a blue crochet and patterned maxi dress Haleah gave me, with my tan sweater from Target, and gold glitter flats. I didn’t rock it with the leaf pin this time around though!


12/1 I wore the dark green tye dye tunic with leggings and boots by Big Buddha. They are so comfy!

12/2 I wore a floral dress, wish I would have taken a pic of the back- it has the cutest bow detail!, with leggings, and Beauty and the Beast themed accessories! My rose necklace and Beauty and the Beast braclet set, both from Hot Topic, and both were gifts! I love wearing pieces that are gifts and given to me by family! I wore my crocheted flats with this outfit.

12/3 I kind of cheated… I wore the same leggings and flats because we traveled and I wanted to pack light. I also neglected to take a pic, so I stole one from an ig post from 6months ago! It’s the navy and pink zig zag dress in the collage. Comfy! Great for traveling.

12/4-12/5 Fridays are dress down days at work so I can wear jeans! My GS troop had an overnight at the zoo that night, so I wore my green GS logo tshirt and purple GS hoodie, jeans, and my tennis shoes. I mega cheated my wearing the same hoodie, jeans, and shoes on 12/5. I did wear a different GS tshirt, though, this time from ALE training! YES I wore a fanny pack and I feel no shame! It was sooooo handy!

12/6- Ok, so, this dress… When I moved the last of my things out of my dad’s I found this dress, it has to be from sometime in early high school, I think? But in all honesty, I don’t remember it and I kind of wanted to wear it to see how it would look. Rather shapeless would be the answer so I put a belt on and it really didn’t help. So, this dress is going in the donate pile. I wore it with gold flats with flowers on the toes, and I think they might be goners too.  They crimp my toes. I did get two compliments on the dress while we were out that day though. Perhaps I will try a different belt?

12/7 Today I am wearing the grey bird print dress and yellow sweater with leggings and yellow flats, all of which are from Target! I haven’t worn this dress or sweater in ages but I really like the combo. I wish I would have grabbed my yellow flower headband! The earrings I’m wearing are the ornament globe ones pictured and they were a gift this morning from my elf on the shelf, Marzipan, and my hubby! 😍

Jess says I have to wear my formal dresses out of the house for them to count… I have a number of formal dresses and I figured I would just wear them around the house as dress up, but I guess that won’t do! Who wants to wildly over dress and go somewhere with me during this challenge??

Week One Summary:

I feel like I didn’t have to try too hard this week, but I definitely picked a few things I don’t wear very often. In my mind, my wardrobe definitely has a “Get This Over With” section for this challenge and that right there tells me I have some culling to do. If I don’t look forward to wearing something, shouldn’t I just get rid of it? If I go by that philosophy, can I get rid of all my dress pants??????????? Ugh. I really hate dress pants.

I have also found myself wanting to save outfits for better times? I loathe wasting a good outfit on a nothing day. One other thing I’m struggling with is the lack of fitting tights! Some of my tights are ollllld and stretched out and other tights never fit really well but were gifts from family (which I especially struggle with getting rid of… have I mentioned I’m slightly a hoarder?) so I kept them. Somehow tights also seem really 2010 to me? In my personal style journey, I  was big big into tights in college but in recent years they’ve been replaced by leggings? Which honestly make my legs too warm most of the time! So, I’m going to get rid of what doesn’t fit and after this challenge work on acquiring new pairs of tights that fit well and enhance my outfits.



Ps-Happy Birthday Week to Haleah’s little girl ❤


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