Christmas Time

Merry belated Christmas to our followers 🙂 We hope you had an excellent Christmastime and are about to have an amazing New Years! Haleah and I haven’t gotten to see each other yet, which is a bummer for sure, but we will soon- and I can’t wait to give her gift to her! AHH!!

Just wanted to share a few snaps from the holidays.


My babies in their Christmas dresses!


Blurry pic of Cecelia but she is too cute NOT to share!


How freaking adorable is this outfit my momma got me?????


My hubby had a VERY nerdy VERY Star Wars Christmas!


New sequin Chucks from Jess 🙂


The perfect ending to a great Christmas day- hot bath with a Lush bath bomb, candles, and my favorite chocolate!


Our gingerbread houses! My cousins and I always decorate gingerbread houses at my grandma’s and Jess was able to make it this year! I won’t lie- I got SO frustrated at mine because it would not cooperate!


Us on Christmas day!


Christmas smooches

One of my nephews, Harley


Cecelia in Fritzy’s Christmas dress from last year!


One of my new vintage ornaments from the Cleveland flea!


An ornament from Haleah’s grandma ❤


My favorite vintage ornament in the foreground from Flower Child and a vintage ornament from my dad in the background!


Our vintage-only tree


Our anything goes Christmas tree!


Rocking my gnome dress from Modcloth at Festivus!


Feats of strength at Festivus! Jon won.


My new, weird, but comfy loafers from Target!


Dyed my hair!


I made this skirt!

Thanks for letting me share!




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