Wardrobe Challenge Update

17 days into month two and still going strong! I haven’t taken photos everyday and that bums me out because (understandably) I forgot to take a pic on Christmas Day and I made the skirt I wore! I might wear it again, but are snowmen a Christmas thing or a winter thing too?? 

Anyways… I’ve struggled a little bit more recently because almost everything in my normal rotation has been worn already. I did cheat this week, I wore a pair of black pants I’ve already worn but Jess ok’ed it because it was a different outfit. I just realized I also repeated a dress… Whoops!! Here are some collages πŸ˜€



It’s gotten colder and snowy so that’s meant adding leggings and tights. I am wearing my uniform of dress, cardi, and leggings/tights a looooot. The problem is it is so cold outside but my work office is sweltering hot all the time! So I want coverage for the elements but then I end up not wearing my cardigan because I’m having hot flashes. Would it be weird to wear leggings into work, take them off for the work day, and then put them on before going home?? Oh, the trials of trying to look cute! 

My favorite outfit in these collages is this one:  

 Because my momma got it for me as a Christmas gift and it is so so perfect! It made me feel like a princess. The sweater is super soft and the tutu is super sparkly. 

Thanks for letting me share πŸ™‚ 




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