Has it really been 6 months?

It has. To be totally honest, it just felt weird to blog here without Haleah.

I’ve drafted so many posts, there kind of all just sitting there half finished, half-assed.

So, today, I decided to do something I do whenever I start a new hand-written journal- a bit of an introduction to who I am at the time. Let’s get reacquainted.



My name is Rachael. I just turned 28. Married to a wonderful man, Jess. We have three crazy cats named Duchess Snicklefritz VonBuren, whom we call Fritzy for short, Titi for shorter, Lady Seraphina Lichtenstein (PhiPhi), and Lady Cecelia (______, we forget what her formal last name is…)[CeCe]. We live in a quaint quadplex in the Heart of it All. I have three younger brothers (23, 17, and 15) that all at once I love with all my heart and that piss me off completely, sometimes. My parents are divorced, but amicable. I’m very close to my family. I have wonderful friends. I’m a Girl Scout troop leader. I’m into all kinds of crafting. I pick up one thing, set it down, and pick up another so you can find half started craft projects all over my house.I hate doing the dishes. I like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, spring, flowers, dresses, baking, cooking, the beach, taking walks, rain coats, hats, hugs, picnics, Christmas lights, wind chimes, paint brushes, antique hats, restaurants, getting dressed up, things that smell nice, cats, autumn, riding bikes, trying new things, exploring my town, parks, Netflix, owls, candles, Sephora, Modcloth, gardening, books, painting, and so much more. I’m re-learning/re-teaching myself how to sew. I have two antique Singer sewing machines one from 1925 and one from 1947 and my mother’s sewing machine (I also recently received Kenmore model 48, which I think is late 50’s/early 60’s, as a gift from Kelly and Jessica). I’m working on slowly making our place our home- one quirky home good item at a time. My clothing and home decor taste are eclectic, bordering on eccentric, with a mid-century twist, some vintage pieces, and tons of color. I dabble in DIY, though I tend to not be too ambitious with it, however, I’m usually scheming something up- be it a giant vanity or dip-dye curtains for my book nook. During the day, I work in an office. My job is stress-free and I enjoy it.  I’m on a romance novel kick right now, picking a new one up as soon as I finish one. I’m glad fall is here, and I already have my Halloween decorations up! I do love all things pumpkin flavored. I’m a half-decent cook and baker, though I need to use my skills more often though, we kind of eat out too much 😉
I think that’s it for now, just wanted to pop in and get something started back up in this space.